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fight club

2009-03-15 13:54:56 by Glowstick-warroir

me and some friens might be starting regular fight club.
I fought last night and banged my elbow. I barly hurt the other guy, but I doudged and blocked just about all of his punchs. I'm a passifits, so I kind of suck at fighting anyways, (but if it's just for kicks then it's fine).

in other news: this is an audio blog of my week... I'm trying them out to see how I like them.
yes. my voice is rediculus. but, hey, girls think it's cute!


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2009-03-21 19:38:31

Ah fame, she is truly a cruel and fleeting mistress.


2009-03-22 00:18:27

fight club... that is the dumbest idea ever. wait... audio blog... maybe I spoke too soon.