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scout me?

2009-06-25 13:54:40 by Glowstick-warroir

(it says don't ask to be scouted but as far as I can tell I can to what ever the hell I want to with user pages)

Hey; I'm an artist yo'

Acully; I'm a professtoinal artest; I make shit because I'm barly photoshop certifided, acully I'm not even photoshop certified, I'm a 3/4 (it's not an offical scale but it's what my school uses), so uh; pretty much means I'm well prataced but I need more time to hone my skill.
But; why should I care what a peice of says I can do? I've got skillz!

anywho; most of my exprence is in design, commerical artesty stuff. and photoshop, and what not.

so uh; yeah... I'm going to submit some stuff if you think I'm legit, it would be mightly nice to scout me.


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2009-07-25 03:48:19

yo yo yo my bro my bro.

Glowstick-warroir responds: