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Snow comic.

2009-12-21 14:10:50 by Glowstick-warroir

at the end of this I've included a small lazy ass comic. but enjoy.

Also, best AIM Ever.

: Ugh, everytime we talk my mind goes elsewhere.
: Something about you just makes me want to fuck you like crazy.

but she lives out of state so I'm not getting laid... plus I'd be cheating... on the I'm cheating with, on another girl, who I can't see for a very long time. it's always complcated...

Snow comic.


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2010-01-03 21:33:32

Exactly. But you have to remember it's English. They, like other countries of the world, especially Europeans, are less "holding" of that stuff and more open with it then we are in the%uFEFF States. :)


2010-01-26 10:52:27

Hey can you use your grammer skills better please its really annoying to see

today I'm going to break up wiht my girlfriend (witch is unfortunate)

what should I do to make up for it tonight newgrounds?

A: Play starcraft untill 4 am
B: Get wasted and forget about it.
C: Find a stranger to sleep with at a rave or elsewhere.
D: ????

I mean come on you are 19 (thats what your profile says) start acting like it!

Glowstick-warroir responds:

I'm sorry, I have a learning disablity when it comes to english. if you'd like to drill a hole in my head and restructure the nerons that dictate speech and sentaces structure, be my guest.


2010-02-04 00:03:22

The dad in the comic is like our dad.

Glowstick-warroir responds:

Our dad had more hair!