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This is how my valentines day wen't.

/* */
What do you think guys

btw way, 'psyco bitch' is my girlfriend, and I'm the transvestie.

It's the day of LOVE.

2009-02-14 23:09:52 by Glowstick-warroir

And I commission a heart shaped poptart from a professional chief. What did you do for your valentine. I forgot to take a picuter off my cell phone so you'll have to wait to see it. I also gave her a single rose, and rickrolled her.

What did you do for your valentine?

Yes... but, I'd like to show you how to make your own brush in it anyways.

This is a tutorial I wrote

Sure, I do use photoshop (I just got CS4 yesterday ^.^), but this is fun anyways. If you like these lil MS paint tid bits, I have a few more tricks up my sleeves.

and I'm not going to have time to make a flash cartoon.
I'd bet i'd be funny but the animation would suck.

Speaking about life or the life I don't have...

I'll be doing a free desktops of December kind of thing (like an xmas gift). so; if you tell me what you want and it will go on a long list that I will get to. Because I like Photoshop; and I like having random assignments for it... I'm a strange person.

This is what I've do so far: /335/0/7/Lizard_desktop_by_another_def ault.png /335/e/0/Desktop_2_by_another_default.

so; make a request and I'll try and get to it.

Story time:
I was out in the woods, and me and a good friend of mine sported a go-cart. He said "Hey I bet that's got some gas in it" I said "well, it had to get here some how"
we then dug a tench and filled it with the gasoline. I mostly knent down and watched well he did the work. we lit it, and after it dyed down he backed up and jumped over it. he told me I should do it do.

My pants has gasoline on them.

After SOMEHOW managing to shake the fire off... No fucking clue how I pulled that off. after burning about a third of my pants (seeing a pattern here?) I had to buy a new pair. I figured I might get a questoin or two asked with coming back in ex-hot pants. so I go to a local department-type store, and ask them where there pants are. the look at me, then point it out.

I wanted to say somthing like "So... this happens to happen often?" but I didn't have the balls.

Life: Nouthing too new here. I think me and my gf broke up. but we where never g/bfs anyways... I'm confused but over it.

Allright I'm working on the characters for a flash cartoon.
I have some charicters in mind, but I'd like to start with my art for it.

I'm thinking that this is how I'm going draw the characters: (this is an emo, not likly a main charicter)

starting to work out a flash cartoon.

barrack obama.

2008-09-26 21:50:20 by Glowstick-warroir

The political debate is on. So this is replacing story time!

I am behind Barrack Obama. And I will stay behind Barrack Obama, in the beginning, the middle, and to his very climax. I do not support him it spurts, or sputters. But, I take my support, and I nail it hard right to Barrack Obama.

To me, I look at the polls, and I when I see the lead he has over John McCain, I think: "It's not the size of the lead is, it's how he uses it" And Barrack knows how to use it. And that's why I want Barrack Obama to be behind me. Because I know I can help drive Barrack right to the white house. And I know that with my help, Omaba can use the oval office better then Bill Clinton, or any president.

Barrack also knows when to pull out. He will pull us out of Iraq before things really get sticky, and we have a real mess on our hands.

Barrack Obama can fix the economy, and, he doesn't need to erect oil wells. Or to drill in hard places. Barrack Obama can take the inflated dollar that President bush spent so much time inflating, and pop it. So, that the dollar my become bigger, sturdier tool that might be trusted in to any economy. Even China will envious of the power of our bill.

When November comes, in the privacy of the voting booth, I will reach around John McCain, and pull Barrack Obamas lever. And, in the pubic streets, I will scream his name in apparition.


Life: We are FINALLY going to start working on computers in my artclass. I'm hoping to start digital art, and then flash work. Then I can start posting stuff here, when I know what I'm doing. Also; I've been excessivelly in a good mood latly. I dont know why. and I dont care much.

Instead you get this picuter off the internet.

barrack obama.


The frist time I ever had my pants on fire, t'was a summer day. I was about 14, watching television with my brother. He said "Hey, I'm going to light you on fire."

Being sane minded at the time, i assumed that he was kidding. and he took a lighter and lit them on fire.
it was only about a quarter sized flame and I shoke it out. When your on fire you have a "get it off, GET IT OFF!"
Anyways, I liked thouse pants.
I will tell you another story of me on fire in next post.

Tomarows Talk like a pirate day matys. I'm pro-ninja but i'll get in the sprite. Home coming is next weekend and i've sorted out my date. and I'm the nerd in a bully flim for flim class... I dont have anything intrestin to talk about this week.

And art.

being on fire isn't as fun as you'd think

I will start you all of with a story.
Come a long, sit in a semi circle for STORY TIME

This was like a year and a half ago, and I was in a hardware store, my mother was picking out a lamp shade, and I was along for my awesome sense of awsome.

She was out getting a... somthing, and two people wear talking about light bulbs. The hardwear clerk new NOUTHING about what he was talking about, and I had written a papper on them that week. So, I explained the diffrance between ecobulbs and incondesant bulbs with much detail. the clerk said:

"Who are you?"
(He barly beat the customer to the question.)

and with a flip of my hair, I looked him in the eye and said "I'm a design consultant!"
and left. it's now my "job".

now that story time is over I BORE YOU WITH MY LIFE!

today my ex and some new girl were all over me... the new girl was like "will you be my home coming date?" but ex was like "I wan't you to be my home coming date!"
I like them both... and both would be upset with me saying yes to the other (and I wan't to go to Homecoming) but I strongly dislike relationships... I told them that I would have an answer in "at least two days" this gives me a chach to ask a friend who has no interest in going out with me as friends and avoid all this... but I feel bad just choosing side C.

yeah that was pontless... but more importently: I'm a design consultant!

and art of the week.

I'm a desing consultant.

I hate macs.

2008-09-14 11:31:36 by Glowstick-warroir

School started.
And hey; guess what half my classes use!

I Just dont like them... not only do I not know them as well; if I where to say... bring in a game to play off a flash drive... i'd have to find a mac game. and that's a pain in the ass.

plus windows is so much better... as long as it's not vista. (but I can live with vista. I just dislike it.)

so yeah. I hate macs... enough to make a picture.

I hate macs.

Frist post

2008-07-21 18:46:51 by Glowstick-warroir

Hello there. I'm just starting to construct this page. Flash isn't my meida of choice, so its going to take some time untill I have some real post. (I do digital art, drawing painting and that type of work)
I'm pretty intrested in Kenetic Typography, gut again, my flash skill are suckage, so you're not going to be seeing them.

If some one wants aid in still art, I'm pretty able in design, I've so far done 2 CDs, and work for one company, and they seemed happy with the results.

I did my own picuter and avatar, both in photoshop.

anyways, I just wanted to post a blogy type thing so my page wasn't so empty.

I also will show off a random non-flash art of mine. This is one of my most popular Icons, thought not my favorate

Frist post